At His Feet Ministries is a non-profit 501-C3 organization founded by Kristina Collins. A unique international ministry rooted in love to train, equip, and release the church. What started as a organization utilizing music, dance, drama, art and teaching, has now been revitalized as a ministry to activate the giftings of God into the hearts and lives of many. If you had no fear, where would your passion take you? AHF is about releasing people into their destiny with God and cultivating a generation to seek his face. Kristina's passion is to see hearts set free and the church around the world awaken to the call.

My vision is to see people radically changed by love. To pull the gold out of each person. We  do this by believing in people. Believing in their call and destiny. Believing in people even when others may not. We believe everyone has a call of God on their life. It is our passion to see individuals fulfill their call. We live in a world were people are so influenced by negativity. My hope to increase my love tank and see an over flow of God's love increase into peoples lives. It is my desire that from this place people will know God, feel God, and be changed by God's love. I am determined to see the love that covers a multitude of sin cover the places my feet tread...I believe all that is needed is to love the one in front of you until they shine His glory.    
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